Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow

BOHO arose out of a conviction that no human being should be forced to sleep outside during dangerous weather. Sadly, this was born out of the loss of a homeless man in a tragic accidental fire. Ryan Murray, a deaf man, was sleeping in a trucking container when he kicked over his candles in his sleep. Galvanized to action by this tragic event, the community rallied to begin a grass roots effort to opening up the floor space of the tiny building known as then as The Carriage House. People were packed head to toe in the small space whenever the weather was life threateningly cold. Dedicated staff members slept on the floor with the guests, determined to prevent further loss of life. A formerly homeless staff person at Carriage House now known as the Bridge House, decided that the mission of the Emergency Warming Centers was important enough that it needed to be established as it’s own identity. The staff and resources of the Bridge House were highly impacted by the need to operate around the clock on occasion.

BOHO began operating independently as it’s own 501c(3) nonprofit in 2009. Its services have grown tremendously as the need for bed space in Boulder has grown dramatically. In conjunction with the faith based community, BOHO now operates nightly Emergency Warming Centers non-stop November 15th to March 15th. We operate on a weather dependent basis during the shoulder seasons. This has greatly impacted the homeless community in a life saving way.

Colorado Town IsolatedWe employ either the formerly or currently homeless because of their unique understanding of the challenges faced by the our community. We pay a fair wage, not minimum wage. This has been instrumental in lifting our employees out of homelessness. Our employees are given real life skills to integrate into main stream society. In fact, 90% of operating budget is for employee pay. BOHO is a lean efficient operation.

Our “Mission” is to meet, as a community, the emergency needs for basic shelter and care not served because of gaps in the Boulder support network. One of those gaps is a “Women’s” program to give safe private refuge. BOHO is piloting such a program to help the female homeless population. Another such program is “Summer Sleep” which faith base congregations open their grounds for the homeless to sleep in a safe legal manor. Both these programs have been a huge success to date.

Board of Directors

BOHO’s Board provides extensive volunteer support for BOHO’s administrative and fundraising tasks and also provides volunteer support in Emergency Warming Center (EWC) operations. In 2014, the Board provided a documented total of 3,062 hours of volunteer effort. BOHO does not employ professional or administrative staff, and pays wages to the homeless to implement and supervise BOHO’s EWC operations. In addition, in 2014, all Board members made and fulfilled pledges to BOHO that totaled $60,157, or 29% of BOHO’s 2014 income.

One director, Michael Fitzgerald, is a recently housed member of Boulder’s homeless community.

Director / Officer

Officerships and Committee Memberships


and Employer

City or County of Residence

Year on Board (3, 2-year terms possible)

Scott Allman

Data Task Force

IT Consultant



William Benjamin

Secretary, Executive Committee, Operations Oversight Committee, Personnel Committee

Attorney; Retired



Phil Day

Development Committee

Pastor, Property Manager



Audrey DeBroux

Personnel Committee

Manager of caseworkers, EFAA





Operations Oversight Committee




Jason Hays

Chair, Executive Committee

Faculty, Naropa University



Eric Rutherford

Development Committee

Realtor,Property Manager


William Sweeney

Treasurer; Executive Committee,

Development Committee, Operations Oversight Committee, Data Task Force

Attorney; Retired



Heather Welty

Executive Committee, Data Task Force

Manager, Medtronix




All Directors may be contacted by mail addressed to:

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow (BOHO)

P.O. Box 1393

Boulder, CO 80306

Boulder Outreach for Homeless Overflow is a Colorado not-for-profit corporation

Tax I.D. number 26-4188737